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What has been happening at Inner Balance?

This is the busy time of year for us at Inner Balance and I have been working very hard behind the scenes.

Our new seasonal promotion leaflet for 2018 is now available so if you are planning ahead we have some amazing seasonal treats as we know how much you love these little taster packages and to date I have managed not to repeat any of them and get creative every year.  We have not increased these promotions for many years and I am delighted that the £40 treatment charge will remain the same for 2018.

It is also the time of year where we look at our treatments and see what we can change, adapt or introduce so I am busy doing that at present with a new brochure planned for December.  I am working on the treatment protocols for our therapist at present so its a fragrant month of trialling and looking at our current product companies and brand new ones.  We have also listened to what you have loved with us and we are absolutely delighted to be bringing back body wrap treatments.  Not inch loss but pampering and specific wrap treatments that I am sure you will love.  As product costs go up slightly we need to also increase our prices slightly ensuring you that we offer the best of products at Inner Balance as we do no believe in cutting corners in what we offer.  New treatment and prices will be in effect from the 1st December.


We are delighted to tell you that we have now changed our waxing system and after looking at lots of companies we decided for a change and one company really stood out for us… Outback Organics.  We changed everything last month from the wax, pre and post products and even our wax pots.  The plum opal peelable wax is absolutely gorgeous and we are loving the feedback already.  We are working towards offering the retail line also with lots of tea tree and beautiful scented products.



New facials by Dr Renaud Paris have now been launched and we are delighted to offer them at Inner Balance.

ACACIA HONEY NOURISHING – for very dry skin

CARROT BOOSTER – for dull & devitalised skin

IRIS YOUTHNESS & FIRMING – an extension our the Iris range with peel off mask



Marianne was away last month for a few days learning a wonderful relaxing treatment with Kansa known as India’s healing metal.  The massage is carried out over the clothes and has a lovely cleansing effect.  It is great for those that like their holistic treatment and is a gentle massage using specialised Kansa wands.  For some people the drawing out action has a slight greying effect on the skin which is then cleansed away (face & feet).  Relaxation just reached a different level.  Kansa is on a special intro promotion for November and is available with Marianne on Tuesday and Wednesday.


ByMarianne Williamson


Welcome to your latest seasonal promotion MOROCCAN DREAM as the winter approaches this cosy warming treatment will enliven the senses.  This is our final seasonal promotion of 2017 but not to worry we have already planned out 2018 promotions which are available to collect now in salon.

Amber and argan oil oil deeply hydrates and soothes the skin and helps release tension over the back, shoulders and neck area creating a natural warming sensation with sweet aromas.

Cleanse and gentle exfoliation and creamy clay mask with a soothing massage over the face and shoulders incorporating a blissfully relaxing head massage.  Beautifully scented Kleraderm rose anti-age serum and moisturiser.  Pomegranate & fig butter hand and arm massage will renew and revitalise the most tired of skins bringing brightness for those cold winter months and uplift the soul.

Book online here

26749024 – rose flower and essential oil spa and aromatherapy

ByMarianne Williamson

Where to start your skincare routine

Why is a skincare routine important?

Our skins are under lots of pressure these days from environment pollutants every day like invisible little ninjas trying to attack that vital protective barrier of the skin.   Maybe you are stuck in an office or travelling most of the day and not getting enough fresh air?  Maybe you’re pre-menopausal and your skin just does not want to behave? Suddenly hitting your 40’s and developing spots? Lots of hormonal changes and factors from all ages combined with lifestyle stresses maybe causing havoc on your skin externally as well as internally.   So having a good skincare routine it vital for the skin to protect, repair and hydrate from and all these variables.

Where do I start my skincare routine?

Firstly lets try out something quick and easy to give you a basic idea to determine your skin type:

Take a look in the mirror and have a good look at your skin.  Does it look dry? Then it probably is.  Does it look shiny and oily? Then it is probably oily.  Does it look congested, oily and dry? Then it is probably combination. This is a very basic way to look at your skin. As therapists we are looking at lots of variables on the skin rather than a type. Did you know you can have oily skin but be dehydrated?  Did you know that dry skin can cause spots due to tight pores and build up of dead skin cells and natural oils plugging in the skin, which can give you a false sense of what your skin needs.  Did you know hormonal changes cause sensitivity?  We often see new clients in the salon using products for their skin that are actually having the opposite effect on the skin.  We do see also a lot is younger clients using anti-age products that are really too rich and heavy for the skin.  More demanding skins not having enough active ingredients to target concerns.   How much do you spend on footwear and clothing to cover up the body? Yet an area that is exposed to the elements the face it is something that you may spent less time and money on?

Skincare does not have to be complicated or too expensive, everything is relative.  Make it as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it and we can help guide you in the right direction.  I am a big fan of simplicity, would you rather have a few quality products that you use every day until they are finished and you enjoy? Or rather have the latest fads and products that sit in a drawer after a few weeks when you realise they are not what you thought?   Let the skin adjust to a new routine for a minimum of at least 1 month is a good starting point.  Speaking to your therapist and let them advise you on products, ingredients that is best suited for your needs.  Long term you are investing in your skin and having the trust and bond with your therapist to provide a programme or product routine that is going to work for you.  The most important first stage of your skincare routine is cleansing your skin.  Long gone are the days of just using soap and water on your skin and feeling that tight dry feeling on the skin, which was never a good feeling.  So lets talk about 3 main types of cleansing products:


What are milk/cream cleansers?

Think of a cleanser traditionally and you think of the phrase “cleanse, tone and moisturise”.  Technology advancement in skincare products and cleansing products are not like they used to be. Traditionally you would massage the milky cleanser into your skin and wipe off with a cotton pad.   Many cleansing milks nowadays are also water soluble, which is great if you like the feeling of rinsing your skin with water. You can still use the traditional method but a water soluble product will give you the options to use with water or a cotton pad.  Milks are great for drier and more demanding skin.  A damp face cloth can also be used and is an easy way to remove cleanser.  Cleansing milks are always ideally to be followed by a skin tonic or toner.  It is part of skincare routines that is often missed out.  Look at toners/tonics as a mini treatment on your skin with active ingredients nourishing and treating the skin.   As well as removing any excess cleansing product and make-up that maybe still left on the skin.  Try to use tonics that do not have a high alcoholic content, feeling tight and nippy on your skin is not what you want to be feeling.  But soothing, cooling and refreshed and deep down clean.

TRY: Dr Renaud Raspberry Hydrating Milk

TRY: Dr Renaud Raspberry Hydrating Tonic

TRY: Dr Renaud White Mulberry  Brightening Milk 

TRY: Dr Renaud White Mulberry Brightening Tonic


What is a facial wash?

Facial washes are a great quick application to cleanse the skin and for those that love to have that “rinsed feeling on the skin”.  Washes are popular with teens so it is important to use a product with less alcohol and stripping agents that can dry out the skin too much making the skin sensitive.  Washes can come in gel and foam form that you will add a drop of water and massage into the skin then rinse with water.  Both should ideally feel creamy and hydrating on the skin and in no way the skin should feel tight after.   If you are using water on its own especially in the morning in the shower and you are finding your skin is dry and tight you maybe surprised that most of the moisture in your skin is probably been rinsed away down the plug with the water.  We think water as so hydrating but it alone can cause dryness.   Simple solution to use a small drop of hydrating facial wash that will gently cleanse the skin without upsetting the natural PH balance too much.

TRY: Dr Renaud Raspberry Hydrating Wash

TRY: Dr Renaud Lime Purifying Wash

TRY: Dr Renaud Carrot Radiance Foaming Wash


What is a cleansing oil?

Micellar waters and oils are a fantastic way to cleanse your skin.  Cleansing oil for more demanding skin that instantly soothes and hydrates the skin  from the moment it is applied feeling luxurious yet light in texture.  A quick way to remove eye make-up also without over stimulating the delicate skin area around the eyes.  Cleansing oils can be rinsed with water or a delicate face cloth.  Cleansing waters are a great alternative to using facial wipes by just applying to cotton pads.

Try: Dr Renaud Rose Cleansing Oil

Try: Dr Renaud Raspberry Cleansing Water.


A good cleansing routine will help prepare your skin for the next stage of your skincare routine, exfoliation, masks and moisturisers which we will talk about at a later date. Want to know more about Dr Renaud products, salon facial treatments and how we can help you start your new routine?  We are always happy to help,  call us on: Telephone – 01241 855222

Or book a skin consultation or facial treatment here:

ByMarianne Williamson

ART BY – Marianne

ART BY – Marianne


As a child I was always drawing and it led me to go to college in 1990 to do art illustration. Then I went into the world of beauty therapy in 1992 and set up my salon Inner Balance in 2000.

Jump forward to 2016 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and I went on an exceptional journey of self discovery and re-assessment of life. After major surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy I had time on my hands to recover. I met a very special friend Henry at our first oncology appointment we were destined to become friends and as he put it “we are soul family”. He was an artist and professional medium and I was so inspired by his work and our conversations and the encouragement for me to pick up the paint brushes again. Sadly Henry passed away at the end of 2016 but he had such a massive impact on my life, he will be ever in my thoughts as I pick up the paint brushes and try to be creative.  I am forever grateful that he was a part of my life even if for a short time.

I adore landscape and nature and initially my preferred medium was with water colour but I decided to experiment with mediums including gouache, acrylic and oils and discovering Bob Ross and “the joy of painting” was a revelation. I started my paintings for me and its become a form of meditation and lets me go into the quiet space of my mind and totally immerse myself into my world. I was delighted when my friends and clients at the salon started to really like what I was doing. So I created a mini gallery within the salon to which you can see the paintings within ‘Inner Balance’. I am totally loving the journey and look forward to seeing where the creativity will flow stepping forward into this wonderful place we call life.

Commissions are welcome if you find you like Marianne’s style of painting. Price & posting/shipping on request.

If you would like to follow Marianne’s art work you can find her Facebook page here



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