Creating the beauty deli bar

So it has always been a wee dream of mine to create a deli-bar area in the salon of ingredients to sit along side our branded skincare companies. An area to create and blend products to use in our treatments and we could almost strip things back to basics and add to recipes just what we wanted for in salon use. At the end of 2018 after researching companies for raw ingredients our deli space was created.

My obsession with ingredients started actually when I was at college, I loved the chemistry aspect of using products and creating and blending and this was further enhanced by training to be an aromatherapist when I moved to Edinburgh in 1995. The love of blending lotions and potions and getting creative has followed me throughout the years. I was once told that I was a white witch in a previous life… oh how exciting and I totally get that and with my love of nature that makes total sense to me.

About 10 years ago I launched our Seasonal Promotions, little mini taster sessions that have become a firm favourite at Inner Balance with our regular clients coming in every 4 or 8 weeks. I love to see the excitement on our clients faces “so what is the next seasonal?”. Every 2 months for us its like launching a whole new range of treatments. I wanted to let my imagination have no bounds and have had great fun creating the names and treatments around seasonal ideas. A time for the imagination to run and see what it comes up with.

My obsession with researching treatments and ingredients has become quite a passion. Over the past 10 years I have noticed more questions from our clients who too are taking an interest in what ingredients are in their products. I recently had a client asking “that must be so nice your companies giving you all these seasonal ideas”. She was surprised to know that in actual fact it was my creative mind that puts the ideas together. We sit down in October and plan the year ahead so January we launch all the seasonal promotions for that coming year.

This year was slightly different as I wanted to create the deli area and teach Ellie our therapist the art of blending products and creating the recipes that we use in our treatments. Making small fresh batches of products and in essence its like mixing a cake recipe just as much fun but without the calories. I wanted to combine raw ingredients recipes that would complement our skincare brands. We test and tweek the recipes trial on each other then see how we can improve to make the experience with us amazing.

You can choose a 1 hour promotion and you receive all the treatments listed as little tasters or you can choose a 30 minute booster facial. We try to keep them similar but not the same. This is a great way to experience the ambience and flavour of what sort of treatments we do in the salon. Sometimes it’s quite hard to decide what treatment to have. Maybe it is your first time visiting us, then we can highly recommend our Seasonal Promotions as a relaxing introduction to Inner Balance. We highly recommend you book in advance as once the promotions finish we move onto the next one.

Ellie following the recipes created by Marianne