Cuccio Gel Polish

Cuccio Gel Polish 

45 mins – £26.50

1 hour – £32.00 with holographic glitter finish 

Cuccio Veneer gel is a 100% polish free formula with triple colour pigmentation and micro-shatter technology giving an armour coated flawless wear and is applied as thinly as a coat of nail polish. Reflective mirror shine finish giving longer lasting wear up to 2 weeks.  Free removal when re-application on same appointment if gel polish has been applied by us.  There is no extra charge for 2 accent nails with holographic glitter finish and gel polish is available on hands and feet.

Clear Gel Polish 

30 mins – £20.00

High shine natural treatment to protect and give your nails a chance to grow naturally. Nail polish can be applied over the top so you can remove polish when it suits you. We also advise you have your clear Veneer treatment professionally removed. We can advise you on a re growth programme to suit you. This is also a great treatment if you just like the nails to look super shiny and healthy.

Removal & Condition 

25 mins – £10.00

We always recommend that Veneer is removed professionally to ensure care to the natural nails. Gel polish should NEVER be picked off as this will cause damage to the layers of the nail. Our moisturising oil based remover will condition the nails and we will re file the nails if need be and hydrate the hands and nails with our treatment products and oils.

100% polish free

No micro shattering for a high gloss finish

Triple Pigmentation

Please note we only do removals of gel polish that has applied at Inner Balance. Gel removal kits available for home use.