Cuccio Gel Polish

Cuccio Gel Polish 

Colour: 45 mins – £27.50

Colour with holographic glitter: 1 hour – £32.50

Clear: 30 mins – £20.00

Cuccio Veneer gel is a 100% polish free formula with triple colour pigmentation and micro-shatter technology giving an armour coated flawless wear and is applied as thinly as a coat of nail polish. Reflective mirror shine finish giving longer lasting wear up to 2 weeks.

Peel It! Removal

15 mins – £5.00

Cuccio Peel It! is a product that we apply at your gel polish application.  You can actually peel off your gel polish prior to a gel polish application!  After telling you for years not to do it, Peel It will allow you to do this with no worries in damaging the nail and is much kinder than acetone and wrapping removal.  If you still require us to remove it for you before an application you just need to book in the allocated time.

100% polish free

No micro shattering for a high gloss finish

Triple Pigmentation

Please note we only do removals of gel polish that has applied at Inner Balance. Gel removal kits available for home use.