Skin – Dr Renaud

Dermatologist doctor, Dr Renaud devoted his whole life to his passion: nature’s riches and women’s beauty – the most precious of all in his eyes. Nature belongs to everyone, but some work it much better than others. Dr Renaud is one of those who knew how to extract what was necessary and to work it with the dual objective of compatibility and effectiveness. This is not untamed nature, but a strong, powerful, concentrated nature, which is worked on sequence after sequence to increase its effects.

Raspberry Hydrating Facial

1 hour – £48.00

Intensely quenches, hydrates and softens normal to dry skin, bringing about a sensation of absolute freshness with juicy organic raspberry ingredients combined with a pineapple cream facial massage and soft cream mask.

Camomile Soothing Facial

1 hour – £48.00

Take advantage of the soothing properties of Camomile in this soothing and refreshing skincare that is specially designed for sensitive skin. Your skin is comforted, soft and relaxed.

Carrot Radiance Booster Facial

1 hour – £55.00

This facial treatment will allow you to say farewell to a dull complexion that lacks radiance. The peel-off Carrot radiance mask enriched with glucose and fresh Carrot cells leaves your skin soft, comfortable and supple while illuminating the complexion in an instant.

Anti-age Iris Youthness & Firming Facial

1 hour – £55.00

This expert professional treatment offers you an overall anti-ageing response targeting wrinkles, firmness and radiance on the face. Your skin is smooth, comfortable and luminous. Cooling sea algae peelable mask treatment or lifting cream mask.