Dermatologist doctor, Dr Renaud devoted his whole life to his passion: nature’s riches and women’s beauty – the most precious of all in his eyes. Nature belongs to everyone, but some work it much better than others. Dr Renaud is one of those who knew how to extract what was necessary and to work it with the dual objective of compatibility and effectiveness. This is not untamed nature, but a strong, powerful, concentrated nature, which is worked on sequence after sequence to increase its effects.

Skincare Consultation

20 mins – no charge

Is it time for some new products? Unsure and baffled on what to use on your skin? Not quite sure what your skin needs?  Is your skincare just is not working for you and has become a habit?  Let us help guide you into choices for your skin with our professional skincare.  With advice and recommendations that do not have to be complicated but choosing the correct routine for you is something we can help with.

Express Skin Boost Facial

30 mins – £32.00

A great introduction to skincare with our essential Dr Renaud treatment which includes cleanse, exfoliation and treatment mask. Tailored to how your skin is at time of treatment from our Raspberry, Lime, Camomile or Acacia Honey skincare.

Express Anti-age Boost Facial

30 mins – £36.00

Our express skin boost facial when your want to focus on anti-age with this Dr Renaud treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation and treatment mask. Tailored to how your skin is at the time of treatment from our Iris, Carrot & Mimosa skincare.

Raspberry Hydrating Facial

1 hour – £43.00

Intensely quenches, hydrates and softens normal to dry skin, bringing about a sensation of absolute freshness with juicy organic raspberry ingredients combined with a pineapple cream facial massage and soft cream mask.

Lime & 2 Clay Purifying Facial

1 hour – £43.00

Lime is traditionally used to relax, purify, brighten and tighten pores leaving the skin looking fresh and feeling deeply cleansed. A combination of white and green clay masks for combination skins and those tending towards oily with the occasional breakouts.

Camomile Soothing Facial

1 hour – £43.00

Take advantage of the soothing properties of Camomile in this soothing and refreshing skincare that is specially designed for sensitive skin. Your skin is comforted, soft and relaxed.

Acacia Honey Nourishing Facial

1 hour – £43.00

An ultra-comfortable treatment that combines acacia Honey, Royal Jelly, Honey and Propolis with Organic Honey Oil Macerat enveloping the skin in an infinite cocooning softness. The skin is soft and comfortable, marks of dryness disappear.

Carrot Radiance Booster

1 hour – £55.00

This facial treatment will allow you to say farewell to a dull complexion that lacks radiance. The peel-off Carrot radiance mask enriched with glucose and fresh Carrot cells leaves your skin soft, comfortable and supple while illuminating the complexion in an instant.

Mimosa Smoothing & Energising Facial

1 hour – £55.00

An anti-pollution ritual for a smooth and radiant skin. This ultra sensory treatment targets the first wrinkles, plumps up the skin and revives its energy. The skin regains its radiance with unique blue light filter technology ingredients.

Anti-age Iris Youthness & Firming Facial

1 hour – £55.00

This expert professional treatment offers you an overall anti-ageing response targeting wrinkles, firmness and radiance on the face. Your skin is smooth, comfortable and luminous. You recover a sensation of tonicity.

Intensive Botanicals Facial

1 hour – £55.00

£240.00 – Course 4 taken weekly – includes solution or cream for home use

Intensive facial targeting both dysfunction and skin ageing. that combines high-tech botanicals with flower stem cells and targeted cosmeceuticals for demanding skins that need emergency care. For every need there is an adapted prescription in Dr Renaud’s latest treatment.

Anti-age Rose Plumping Facial

1 hour – £60.00

A professional two-mask treatment specifically designed for mature and demanding skin that acts synergistically on all signs of aging. The face regains its youthful appearance and the skin is intensely plumped feeling firmer and plumper. The complexion is bright and radiance is renewed.

Italian skincare Kleraderm are effective and innovative solutions to the most common imperfections. Contains ingredients of natural origin with percentages almost 100%. Active solutions for the well-being of the skin. 

Amber Charme Facial

1 hour: £50.00

Precious Baltic Amber resin has a strong connection with nature and the Earth. A multi-sensory treatment which combines Amber with Argan oil to naturally nourish, firm and tone with the detoxifying and draining effects of succinic acid contained in the Amber. Using fabric bundles called Pindas filled with tiny Baltic Amber nuggets and amber spheres that are massaged in this unique warming treatment that evokes the atmosphere of ancient forests, a magical sweetness to awaken the senses. Effective against dryness and dehydration to restore uniformity and softness to the skin.

Climate Defence Anti-Pollution Facial

1 hour: £50.00

An innovative botanical extract facial with ingredients such as tree bark, moringa, avocado & algae.  It provides a first level protection by limiting the adhesion of particles that suffocate the skin.  This treatment purifies deeply and provides an anti-inflammatory response to create a real barrier that limits the adhesion of pollutants on the skin.  It protects against climatic conditions, repairs, renews and illuminates the skin.