Horror & the beauty who would have thought it

I love a beauty product…

and I love researching them – the professional and the fads, the fun and the interesting. You could say I am a little bit obsessed with it just like my other obsession – horror films!

Oh I see you there thinking … WHAT!  Yes horror movies you did read correct.  Give me gore, blood, vampires, the occult, paranormal and my absolute favourite you cannot beat a good Zombie!

Using activated charcoal = instant zombie

So as I was researching and trying out different beauty products and ideas for the salon I obviously realise my obsession with horror movies is a bit dramatic and the extreme opposite to the environment in the salon – you will be relieved 🙂

It is an escape and weirdly over the years I have found a few clients in conversation that have said.. “horrors omg me too!” When you find the joy of finding a client who also loves horror films.

An impression of a famous horror film disguising self as a spray tan. Bonus points for the film 😉

I love Japan and horrors out of Japan & Asia are superb! … oh I dream of Japan one day I will go on my dream destination.  It probably stems from starting karate at a young age.  The big epic historical movies and classics such as Seven Samurai.  Add too Playstation horror games oh I have my interests right there.  Side note – Marianne is also a geek.

I saw a photo and it inspired me to paint this: DREAMING OF JAPAN

Oh I do digress – I do go off on a tangent like Billy Connelly sometimes must be the Scottish blood.

So as I was researching beauty products (prob with a horror film on in the background 🙂 ) I found these strange dome shaped sponges from one of my gift suppliers – ohhhh what is that?! A konjac sponge.  Hmm that looks interesting lets Mr Google Konjac and see what I can find out lets get the detective hat on.

Lots of companies but what caught my eye was The Original Konjac Company so off an email goes, please tell me more.

What is a Konjac Sponge?

The history seems to stem from Asia and uses the Konjac root which is a vegetable fibre.  Once hydrated it turns into the softest silkiest sponge ever and is used as a cleansing facial sponge.  Cleaning the skin even without cleanser leaving the skin incredibly soft.

Oh I needed one NOW! 

After trying out some samples I knew we had to have them.  I know people like the quickness of facial wipes but yuk I don’t like them and the ingredients but I understand the quickness of the application.

What if there was an alternative to facial wipes?

Light bulb moment!

Oh maybe this is an alternative that our clients may like.  Could I no longer see rolling of eyes 🙂 when I talk about the importance of cleansing your skin.  So after receiving some samples I tested a sponge out for 2 months.

With and without cleanser it could do both.  But would it remove my Lily Lolo make-up even the mascara.  YOU BET IT DID! Sure enough it removed my make-up with ease and the texture of my skin after was so super soft and gentle.  All prepped ready for my moisturiser.  I could cleanse around my eyes without irritation too.

But how to keep clean, no problem according to instructions just rinse sponge squeeze out excess water and hang up by the nifty little string attached over the sink tap as it dried naturally ready for the next day use.

After about 2 months the fibre of the sponge started to break down but they recommend 1-3 months is average.  I was hooked after the first week of using it.  I used one for dull and devitalised skin with added pink clay and it was like giving myself a facial every day.  My routine is after the day is over chilling watching… of course a horror movie I would just dampen the sponge and sit and cleanse my skin it is so relaxing using the Konjac.

I loved imagining I am in  Japan in my Zen garden removing my make-up from ancient times and wondering who on earth found digging up a root could be used to clean the skin – amazing!

Sponges are not just for babies bottoms or Sponge Bob Square pants behold your face can use them too.