Oncology Light Touch

 Light Touch Therapies

Relax, rejuvenate and have some quiet time – a space just for you.  Jennifer Young treatments have been specifically created for those living with cancer and beyond.  After going through my own experience with cancer and being turned away from a Spa I vowed never to have anyone feeling like I did.  It is not always about the physical but most of the time getting out of your own head space to just be you.

Our experienced therapists trained in Jennifer Young post graduate treatments and skincare. We understand that treatments for cancer can take it’s toll on nails, skin, body and mind so treatments are designed for your well-being.  A light comforting touch very similar to applying lotion rather than a muscle based massage treatment will be your experience.  Our treatments can be adapted to what you feel comfortable with.

Our treatments are very adaptable to your own personal needs and we are also delighted to incorporate and use Organic and vegan products from our IMAGE Ormedic line. We also have listened to our clients and we also create personal blends to make your time with us even more enjoyable.

Mini Glow Facial

30 mins – £30.00

A soothing mini facial is blissfully adapted to bring the glow of health and harmony to even the most sensitive skin.  Your specialist therapist extends the treatment to include a hand massage making the experience even more special.

Glowing Facial

1 hour – £45.00

This relaxing facial is blissfully adapted to bring the glow of health and harmony to even the most sensitive skin. Soothing massage techniques help you to drift to a place of rest and relaxation, leaving your skin with a glowing radiance. Your specialist therapist extends the treatment to include the scalp making the experience even more indulgent.

Indulgent Massage

30 mins – £29.00

1 hour – £45.00

A bespoke massage carefully adapted by your specialist therapist to suit your individual needs. Using  natural oils this treatment is ideal for the most sensitive skins. Let the power of touch bring harmony and well-being. You will be left feeling deeply relaxed. The experience is extended to include the scalp ensuring that your massage is pure indulgence.

Relaxing Journey

75 mins £60.00

This top to toe experience includes a gentle full body massage followed by a deeply relaxing facial. It will benefit even the most sensitive skin. Your specialist therapist uses natural and organic products, extending the experience to include the scalp for a relaxing time for you.

Comforting Hand Treatment

With polish – 45 mins – £28.00

Without polish – 30 mins – £20.00

Luxurious peach kernel oil and macadamia oil combine with the specialist knowledge of your therapist to give a healing and relaxing, nourishing and moisturising treatment. This treatment is designed for damaged nails, sensitive and dry skin. Your specialist therapist will bring your nails back to a new level.  You will be given expert advice on how to improve the condition of your nails and hands.

Comforting Foot Treatment

With polish – 45 mins – £30.00

Without polish – 30 mins – £20.00

Soothing and nourishing mint foot balm is massaged into your feet whilst our natural and organic nail oil works its magic into your nails. Finish off with a colour of your choice and enjoy recognising your feet again.  Your specialist therapist will provide expert advice on how best to look after your feet and nails.

If you would like to read more about my own personal cancer journey and why I looked at offering treatments for clients that are going through their own cancer story during and after then you can  read my story here.

Grab a cuppy it has a fair amount of reading from being a therapist, client & patient 🙂

Marianne x