Kledraderm Facials

Amber Facial 

60 mins – £48.00

Precious Baltic Amber resin has a strong connection with nature and the Earth. A multi-sensory treatment which combines Amber with Argan oil to naturally nourish, firm and tone with the detoxifying and draining effects of succinic acid contained in the Amber. Using fabric bundles filled with tiny Amber nuggets that are massaged in this unique warming treatment that evokes the atmosphere of ancient forests, a magical sweetness to awaken the senses.

Climate Defence 

60 mins – £50.00

An innovative botanical extract facial with ingredients such as tree bark, moringa, avocado & algae.  It provides a first level protection by limiting the adhesion of particles that suffocate the skin.  This treatment purifies deeply and provides an anti-inflammatory response to create a real barrier that limits the adhesion of pollutants on the skin.  It protects against climatic conditions, repairs, renews and illuminates the skin.  Includes face, scalp, hand and arm massage.

Kansa Energy Facial

30 mins – £35.00

Kansa wand massage uses a special massage tool that looks like a little singing bowl attached.  Contains bronze which is known as ‘Indians healing metal’.  This facial focuses on massage of the face, neck and scalp and has a deep energising cleansing effect.  Some people will get a slight greying effect on the skin which is cleansed away leaving the skin revitalised and soft.  We use precious amber & argan oils through the scalp also in this deeply relaxing treatment.