Lash & Brows


Enhance the facial features with tinting. Lash tint will open up the eyes brighten the eye colour and is great for adding depth of colour to the lashes. Brow tint will frame the face and combined with a shape will have that area looking more polished and finished. Tint wont stain the skin and only the hairs so it is not suitable for spare hair growths. Please ask your therapist for tips on how to enhance your brows with make-up naturally.

A tint skin test is required if you have not been to the salon, have not had a tint before or it has been over 6 months since you have had a tint with us.

Brow shape/wax – £11.50

Brow tint 15 mins – £9.50

Lash tint – £18.50

Lash & brow tint – £21.00

Eye see you bundle (lash & brow tint with brow shape) – £28.00