Express Spray Tan


Full Body Spray Tan – 15 mins – £24.00

Upper Body Spray Tan –10 mins – £19.00

Leg  Spray Tan –10 mins – £16.00

LDN : SKINS contain organic ingredients with none of the tell tale tanning smells on the skin once developed.  Due to popularity we now only offer the express tan service at Inner Balance which means you can wash off the tan guide colour (how we see where the tan is applied) from 1-4 hours after application.   This tan has stronger tanning ingredients which is suitable for all skin tones for which you take control over the colour depending when you wash off the guide colour.

1 hour – A slight hint of colour for those scared of tanning (no need to be scared)

2 hours – A radiant light glow (ideal for first timers or brides)

3 hours – A holiday glow (when a bit more of a glow is required)

4 hours – A sunkissed holiday tan (for those used to tanning and pre-holidays)

We recommend that your tan is not left on any longer than 4 hours.  The added bonus of our express tan is you do not have to go to bed with your tan on.   Tan will still take 24 hours to fully develop once you have washed off the guide colour so we recommend you have your tan applied 24-48 hours before an event to let the tanning process fully develop or if for holidays the day before is ideal.

Before your appointment

24 hours prior to your appointment please thoroughly exfoliate face and body, wax or shave.

Do not apply body lotion, make-up, perfume or deodorant on the day of your tanning.

Please wear loose fitting clothes after your appointment thus ensuring no surface transfer onto clothes.

We will advise you on aftercare and how to look after your tan when you are in for your appointment.