Fusing the latest cosmetic ingredients with innovative natural extracts from the coastline, forests and bush lands of Australia, the Outback Organics range has been developed to offer Spas, Salons, Beauty Therapists and Clients a choice of effective, botanical skin care solutions with an Aussie twist.  We use peelable wax and true blue wax cartridges with extracts such as plum, mint, lemon myrtle, herbs and tea tree.  A new spatula is used every single time it goes into our Outback Organics wax pot.


Lip or chin – £9.50

Lip & chin – £15.50

Eyebrows – £10.50

Removes unwanted facial hair from the face simply and easily with our peelable wax.  Shaping of the brows could not be easier.


Underarms – £11.50

Forearms – £16.00

Due to the nature of our peelable wax,  underarm hair does not have to be long to be removed.  Once regular appointments are made 3-4 weeks between appointments are achievable.  Forearms we use Outback Organicsroller cartridges with strip waxing techniques.


Half leg – £16.50

Full leg – £23.50

Using our cartridge roller wax makes leg waxing quick and easy.  If this is your first time waxing we kindly ask for 3-4 weeks growth from last time of shaving.  This ensures an even wax so all the hairs are at similar re-growth patterns.


Traditional bikini – £13.50

G-string bikini – £23.50

Brazilian bikini – £32.00

Hollywood bikini – £35.00

We have listed the different bikini wax styles and using Outback Organics ensures you are comfortable and no need to feel embarrassed during intimate wax techniques.


Full leg & traditional bikini – £31.00

Full leg & g-string bikini – £42.00

Full leg & brazilian bikini – £48.00

Full leg & hollywood bikini – £49.00

We use cartridge strip wax for the legs and always peelable wax for the bikini area, we never use strip waxing techniques on the bikini line.


TRADITIONAL BIKINI – For those that like to wear big pants and only want a little tidy up around the pant line.

G-STRING – For those that like to wear thongs or g-strings or for those high cut pants. We can provide you with a disposable g-string if required.

BRAZILIAN – You are left with a little strip of hair as thick or as thin as you want on the front everything else is removed from underneath right round to the bottom area. You will be required to remove underwear for this professional treatment.

HOLLYWOOD – Exactly the same as the Brazilian except every single last hair is removed. You will be required to remove underwear for this professional treatment.