Make-up brushes to art brushes


As a child I was always fascinated with art and drawing and it led me to go to college in 1990 to do art illustration.  Then I  went into the world of beauty therapy in 1992 and set up my salon Inner Balance in 2000.

Jump forward to 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer and I went on an exceptional journey of self discovery and re-assessment of life. After major surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy I had time on my hands to recover. I met a very special friend Henry at our first oncology appointment we were destined to become friends and as he put it “we are soul family”. He was an artist and professional medium and I was so inspired by his work and our conversations and the encouragement for me to pick up the paint brushes again.

Sadly Henry passed away at the end of 2016 but he had such a massive impact on my life, he will be ever in my thoughts as I pick up the paint brushes and try to be creative.  I am forever grateful that he was a part of my life even if for a short time.

I adore landscape and nature and initially my preferred medium was with watercolour but I decided to experiment with mediums including gouache, acrylic and oils and discovering Bob Ross and “the joy of painting” was a revelation. I started my paintings for me and its become a form of meditation and lets me go into the quiet space of my mind and totally immerse myself into my world. I was delighted when my friends and clients at the salon started to really like what I was doing. So I created a mini gallery within the salon to which you can see the paintings.  They are all for sale and looking for a new home and each painting is very special to me and is created with love and energy.

I am totally loving the journey and look forward to seeing where the creativity will flow stepping forward into this wonderful place we call life.

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