Therapies & Massage

Indian Head Massage

Relax with this Indian Ayurvedic seated massage using ancient techniques to relieve tension in tired and weary head, neck and shoulder muscles. We use a range of specially chosen essential oils that can enhance your mood, refresh your body and enliven your soul. An ancient treatment that addresses the stress of a modern world.  This treatment is carried out over the clothes.  Also includes singing bowl sounds at end of your treatment.

30 mins – £33.00


Many ancient cultures have used reflexology to active energy pathways via the feet to positively stimulate the bodies energy flow. Modern reflexology includes this ancient knowledge together with modern applications making reflexology precise, powerful treatment. As the feet mirror the whole body, using a holistic approach we can induce a deep sense of relaxation and invigoration leaving you feeling uplifted and whole again. A great treatment if you love foot massage or just need some quality me time.

45 mins – £41.00

Crystal Sole Healing

The art of working with crystals on the feet will allows the crystal energies to assist in the releasing of blocked/stagnant energy.  Connecting at the feet the crystals allow any energy blockages or long held emotions to release and let go what no longer serves you.  Also known as Crystal Reflexology we start with the chakras on the feet then work over the corresponding reflexes, here we allow the crystals to guide us and lead the way.  A gentle treatment but connecting on a deep energetic level from crystals, sole to soul.

45 mins – £41.00

Singing Bowl Therapy

Take time out to switch off from the outside world, calm the inner chatter and melt away with the soothing, calming and hypnotic sounds of the Himalayan singing bowls and immerse yourself in the most relaxing sound bath. Allow peace and serenity in and enjoy the sounds and vibrations of the bowls.  There is no right or wrong way to experience the singing bowls other than simply enjoy the journey. Incorporating the beautiful Japanese Koshi chimes and tingshaws adds more healing, sound elements to the experience. Emerge relaxed, awake and refreshed after this gorgeous treatment.

40 mins – £39.00

Hopi Ear Candling

Also known as Thermal-Auricular Therapy.  The fabric used is soaked in beeswax and rolled to resemble a hollow candle and the top end lit.  The soothing warmth of the vapours gently massage inside the ear canal, a filter inside will ensure no debris falls back into the ear.  It can for some people give some relief from inner ear blockages and pressures associated with the head and sinus areas. A soothing and relaxing treatment as a once off treatment, regular or a course of treatments ideally taken within a 3-4 week period.

35 mins – £35.00

Course of 3 £90.00

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing massage to soothe your troubles away using beautiful blended aromatherapy oils by Eve Taylor London. Relaxing massage techniques to surely have you drifting off into pure bliss (please note this is not a deep tissue massage).

Back, face & scalp: 45 mins – £40.00

Back, neck & shoulders: 30 mins – £33.00

Face, neck & shoulder massage: 30 mins – £33.00

Body: 55 mins – £51.00 (currently not available)