Protect your skin from the sunshine

What a great run of weather we have been having here in Scotland and I made a promise to myself to not be cooped up inside and to sit outside even if under the shade and do some work.  The benefits of some fresh air and some sunshine really does uplift the mood as I scrunch my toes up the grass underfoot (note to self must try and get a gardener). Connecting with the earth is something we really need to do more often.  Whether it is in a park, garden or on the beach in the sand or the sea then kick off your shoes, it is so good for the soul. Scotland is interesting as soon as the sun is out its “taps aff” and the world becomes a brighter place as we get a bit of sun blindness with all the peely wally legs exposing the skin to the rays and over a few days as we increase the population of walking lobsters.Tan safe is so important and with sunless tanning products to give you a glow you can achieve that all round tan safely whether it is a professional spray tan or a home use tanning product.  Sunless self tan creams can give you a glow but an important reminder that they will not give you any protection on your skin from the sun rays.  So don’t be lulled into a false sense of security that you are tanned always remember to apply your SPF creams. Did you know you can buy skin specific SPF creams for the face?  Also did you know that the sun can dramatically age your skin too and an increased risk to skin cancer.  Formulations for face specific SPF creams are designed to not clog and overload your skin, I mean who wants to walk about like a greasy shiny chip and have blocked skin pores because the suncream used for the body is far too rich in texture for the face.  The higher the SPF the thicker the cream.


Keep your SPF cream in your handbag just in case you are out and about and get caught out. Although I recommend to use it every day if you know you will have the possibility of sun exposure and apply 30 mins before actually going out in the sun to allow the product to activate into your skin.  Also remember to apply to the back of the hands and neck.

Also remember SPF are only as effective as how often you put them on.  So once a day wont cut it for protection unless you keep applying it.  Also the higher you go does not always mean you will be higher protection either there is nothing that will block out the sun rays 100%.  Once your skin has sun it is damaged but apply SPF in any form is better than applying nothing at all and going for the burn is never a good approach.  

Always buy your suncreams for that year, do not stock pile because it is on promotion, remember as most creams will have a shelf life so that bargain you are keeping for the next year be aware that the SPF may already be starting to diminish. NEVER use that half opened bottle of cream from the previous year as it will not give you the same protection if any.


Jasmine Protective Fluid SPF30 🌞

UVA& UVB protection filters with high solar protection SPF30

Jasmine Extract to stimulate skin natural defences thanks to antioxidant properties

Vitamine E strong antioxidant power

Shea Polyphenols recognized for their detoxifying, soothing and antipollution properties

Cocoa Cells ensures the skin functions well

Beauty Use – the plus side of this fluid is it does not leave the skin white after use. Shake well before use. Apply alone or under your daily cream, uniformly on face and neck. Every day for a daily protection or before sun exposure.

White Mulberry Unifying Fluid SPF20 🌞

Part of the White Mulberry range native to Southeast Asia this Dr Renaud creamy fluid delivers hydration and reduces pigmentation spots. The skin is radiant and protected from the sun the complexion becomes even and bright.

+ Organic White Mulberry which is soothing and has brightening skin properties

+ Sea Lily reduces the surface and the intensity of the colour of brown spots

+ Vitamin C  limits the production of melanin+ Prickly Pear boosts the skins natural exfoliation

+ Floral Complex to stimulate the skin and bring a new radiance

+ Sugars of plant origin to moisturise and restructure

+ UVA & UVB protection filters with high solar protection SPF20

Beauty Use – apply the morning to the face, neck and hands

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation SPF15 🌞

With natural SPF’s this is a firm favourite at Inner Balance.  Finely milled Mineral Foundation SPF 15 buffs into the skin effortlessly & allows custom coverage when applied in buildable layers. Made from natural ingredients to ensure the skin is kept clean & healthy, minimising breakouts and blemishes.

Beauty use – Apply daily on top of your day cream using a super kabuki brush

If you would like to know more about protecting your skin in the sun, advise on skincare then please do not hesitate to call us.  Or book in for a free skin consultation: