Man Balance


The Renewer

1 hour £42.00

Back scrub massage, hand and arm massage treatment followed by a facial skin treatment which also includes a relaxing scalp massage ideal for when you need to just chill out and get away from it all.

Dr Renaud Facial

30 mins £30.00

1 hour £43.00

Hot mitt face cleanse and exfoliation scrub massage with purifying treatment mask.   The “barbariane complex” provides a specific solution to the men’s skins needs. Men’s skin can often be weakened by external aggression, shaving, stress, environmental factors, etc. By combining 3 extracts of Prickly Pear these products will help to soothe the skin, hydrate, nourish and protect.  Combined with your purifying Lime & Clay ingredients your 1 hour treatments includes face, scalp and arm massage.

Relaxing Back Massage

25 mins – £27.00

Relaxing massage over back, neck and shoulders (please note this is not a deep tissue massage). Perfect when you just need to take a little time out, great for upper body tension.

Hot Stone Therapy

Back 30 mins – £38.00

Back & back of legs 45 mins – £48.00

Smooth basalt volcanic stones are gently heated and used to massage relaxing tired and aching muscles promoting a sense of well-being from within. Pre-blended Tisserand essential oils of Refresh or Warm.

Indian Head Massage

25 mins – £29.00

Traditional Indian Head massage is a relaxing scalp massage carried out with you sitting in a chair, great for upper body tension and times of stress or just generally when you need some time out. Finishing with Himalayan singing bowl relaxation.


45 mins £39.00

Ancient art of reflexology using pressure point and massage techniques over the feet. An invigorating treatment for the whole body to re-balance but overall a relaxing treatment when you need to just switch off and chill out.

Ear Candling

25 mins – £29.00

Also known as Thermal-Auricular Therapy.  The fabric used is soaked in beeswax and rolled to resemble a hollow candle and the top end lit.  The soothing warmth of the vapours gently massage inside the ear canal, a filter inside will ensure no debris falls back into the ear.  It can for some people give some relief from inner ear blockages and pressures associated with the head and sinus areas. A soothing and relaxing treatment.

Back or Chest Wax

30 mins – £24.00

Our quick treatment is ideal if you find that your body hair is leaving you feeling over hot and sweaty.   Great for those that go to the gym, holidays or just regular maintenance.

Brow Tidy

15 mins – £10.00

Keeping the brows in trim and groomed, whether it is the hair in the middle of the brows or the whole brow area. Shaping using our hot wax techniques leaving the brows more trimmed and tidy.

Man Tan

20 mins – £24.00

Man spray tan great pre-holidays or when you need to get the legs out for the kilt.   Formulated with a bespoke male fragrance with undertones of Musk and Vetiver and infused with Gingko Bilboa and Sage known to help improve skin collagen renewal while rejuvenating skin.  Please bring suitable swim pants or underwear.

Male Manicure

30 mins – £20.00

Filing of the nails, trim and tidy cuticles and a softening hand treatment.

Male Pedicure

45 mins – £30.00

Softening foot soak, foot scrub, softening skin treatment, filing of nails, tidy of cuticles, treatment foot mask and relaxing foot massage.