This ritual is a real multi-sensorial full immersion of both physical and mental well-being, ideal to relieve stress and lift up the spirit. A touch of positive energy and complete relaxation. Thanks to the highly nourishing properties of Cocoa butter, skin immediately looks more compact, deeply moisturised, luminous and rejuvenated. This endorphinic ritual may be done any time one feels the need. It is recommended for stressed people that love relaxing and pampering massages. Moreover, it is ideal for highly devitalised and dry skin types.

Nourishing, endorphinic, stimulates good mood – 1 hour: £65.00


Nourishing, draining, reshaping – 1 hour: £65.00

A perfect combination of well-being and beauty, which, thanks to powerful action of Acacia Honey from the Gardesan fruit gardens, deeply hydrates, nourishes and restores the skin. Moreover the pumping and kneading movements of the massage help reactivate the cutaneous blood microcirculation, eliminating water retention and localised body fat. Skin is as smooth as silk, compact and flawless, naturally oxygenated and uniform complexion. This pampering treatment ritual can be done any time.


Exclusive technique of massage dedicated to the care of back and shoulders. Starting from the feet, which are the areas of support and release of the body weight, it is possible to globally comprehend the effects of the posture on the back and the shoulders. By locating the points of pressure where tensions are built up, we will relax and relieve them. Deep relaxation, loosening of stiffness and muscular tensions, sensation of vitality.

Relaxing and re-balancing – 45 mins: £45.00


Inspired to the heavenly Java Island, this rebalancing and multisensorial treatment of wellbeing pampers the body by evoking the waves of the island’s untouched seas and its blooming nature. Bliss for both mind and body: the exfoliating mousse promotes the cell’s renewal, leaving the skin smooth and compact; the massage with yogurt deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin leaving it glowing. The main benefits of this ritual include: skin’s deep exfoliation and hydration; less stress and energy rebalance; stimulation of the cutaneous blood microcirculation; relieve from muscular tensions. This treatment can be done any time the client wants to. According to traditions, it is ideal to prepare the
bride for her special day and to combine with Gerard’s Welcome Hands and Silky Feet.

Smoothing, moisturising, anti-stress – 1 hour: £65.00


Inspired by an ancient Berber tradition, this wonderful beauty ritual makes the most of the properties of some valuable pure raw materials – Aleppo Soap and Argan Oil – to deep cleanse
the body, lessen muscle tension and induce deep relaxation. The perfect chance to immerse oneself in a timeless atmosphere. Skin is visibly more radiant, velvety smooth and hydrated. We recommend performing this unforgettable ritual whenever needed. Suitable for contracted, tense muscles. Perfect for particularly dry, thickened skin. Luffa Sponge used during the treatment is given to the client at the end of the treatment.

Exfoliating, illuminating elasticising, relaxing – 1 hour: £65.00


Inspired to neuro-cosmetics and to the Oriental neuromuscular energy therapies, this holistic treatment provides a complete feeling of psychophysical well-being. As a result, even skin is hydrated and supple, the silhouette is defined, toxins are eliminated and the senses are awakened, providing deep relaxation, unexpected lightness and energy. Melts away tensions, illuminates the skin, giving sensations of vitality and deep relaxation – the same sensations one experiences after an exotic and regenerating vacation. Ideal in case of anxiety, stress, tiredness, heaviness connected to water retention, energetic and psychophysical deficit. It can also be done both during and after pregnancy.

Invigorating, detoxifying, regenerating – 1 hour: £65.00


Aromatherapy ritual of well-being with essential oils. It purifies the skin, relaxes and rebalances the body, increases oxygenation and helps remove excess liquids and toxins. Skin is deeply hydrated, oxygenated, luminous and compact. Once detoxified, the body can benefit even further from the
following treatments. It is recommended to do this treatment during changes of seasons, as a preliminary ritual for a holiday at the beach, or after the holiday season. In order to enhance the oxygenating effect.

Detoxifying, rebalancing, harmonising – 1 hour: £65.00


An indulging and regenerating ritual for hands. A real anti-aging treatment with intense repairing and nourishing actions. Skin returns stunningly soft and moisturised, looking luminous and
fresh. Ideal for the cold months, or in case of dryness and extreme skin’s peeling. Ideal in case of very dry hands, showing evident lack of elasticity and premature aging.

Moisturising, relaxing, spa – 25mins: £25.00


A precious beauty treatment for feet as smooth as silk. This ritual is defined by an exhilarating foot aromatherapy bath, an invigorating scrub, a nourishing mask with pure cosmetic Honey
and an accurate pedicure. Removes calluses and skin’s thickness. Deeply loosens the plantaris
muscles, leaving the feet gorgeous. Ideal for subjects with very thick skin or suffering from plantar contractures.

Moisturising, relaxing, spa – 25 mins: £25.00