What are they?


Want to try different treatments to get a feeling of Inner Balance? Then why not choose our very popular Seasonal Promotion.

Take a look at the month you would like to come into see us and book the appropriate Seasonal Promotion that runs for that month.   You can choose either our 1 hour body/facial promotion or our skin boosting 30 minute facial promotion.  You will receive all the treatments in the package as mini taster treatments.

We have been creating our Seasonal Promotions since 2008 and as yet we have not repeated any of our promotions which allows us to be as creative as we want.  We use a combination of our branded products and also our very own creations from raw ingredients that we blend ourselves.  We have added quick previews of the monthly promotions and a few weeks before the new launch we will give you more in-depth details of the promotion with a video too.  We change the promotions every 2 months and once they are gone they are gone, so don’t delay book your time out with us today.